Applied Gravox 3.0 and GravoxLite 2.0 / Gravox 3.0 と GravoxLite 2.0 を申請しました。

Gravox and GravoxLite was applied for new version today. This will be biggest update in the game. Actual update will be in several days after.

- Enable a feature of changing gravity force from the beginning 
- Play a sound after clear a level every time 
- Added Japanese localization 
- Updated almost images 
- Fixed small bug of changing a gravity vector 
- Adjusted some positions for iPhone5 display 
- Changed an effect of screen transition for stating levels 
- Added several levels 
- Added GameCenter features(Achievement, Leaderboard) 
- Updated app icon

[ Gravox ]

[ GravoxLite ]

Gravox 3.0 と GravoxLite 2.0 を申請しました。
今バージョンから GameCenter に対応しています。

・iphone5 用に位置を調整 
・GameCenter に対応 

[ Gravox ]

[ GravoxLite ](無料版)