Spread X - 加速度シューティング

This is awesome shooting game using accelerometer!


The player is always center of the screen. You don't need to think about dodging, but enemies will be coming to the player, so you have to defeat all of them! Till when? It's until you died.

Get a highest score in the world with addicted music, effects and difficulty!

--- Tips ---
If you tilt to pull your iPhone, the direction of player will be change to downward. If you do the opposite, the direction will be upward.
When you tilt left your iPhone, the direction will be left, of course doing the opposite will be right.
Um, this explanation is quite difficult to me, so you just try it!

--- Game modes ---
[ Colors ]
You can use 4 color buttons to defeat enemies. A blue button can only defeat blue enemies, red one is red enemies, and other colors are other color enemies.

[ Shapes ]
This mode is easier more than Colors mode, because the shapes are just 3 types. The rule is same as Colors, that different point is only focusing enemy types. You need to see the shape instead of the color of enemies. That's it!

[ Touches ]
The rule might be easiest in all modes. You don't need checking enemies status, you just have to directly tap enemies! Of course the player will never shoot in this mode.

[ Survival ]
The player will automatically shoot an almighty shots, so you just have to control the direction for enemies.


iPhone を手前に傾けると、プレイヤーが下を向きます。

--- ゲームモード ---
[ Colors ]

[ Shapes ]
Colors よりはちょっと簡単。色を気にする必要はありません。3つの「形」で敵を倒そう!

[ Touches ]

[ Survival ]