PicTrag / 画像貼り付け

Your favorite pictures can be pasted on this app! They are available to zoom, rotate and put on other pictures, also you can do them anytime and anywhere. 

[ Features ] 
- Easy to use 
- Simple zooming and rotating 
- Pastes many pictures if you want 
- Locking display 


[ とくちょう ] 

[ How to use it ] 
1. Just tap bottom left icon, then select your favorite picture. 
2. Automatically pasted the pic on the display. 
3. You can rotate and zoom it anytime. 
4. If you want more pictures, just tap an album icon again. 

[ Tips ] 
- A picture you tapped will move to top of hierarchy of pasted pictures. 
- If you tap lock icon(right of album icon), any buttons and info will go to outside, and then you push home button 2 times, they will go back again.

[ つかいかた ] 

[ Tips ]